research proposal     A Framework for Learning Science: "Reflective Prediction Cycle"
These products are describing an activity framework for inquiry learning and scientific experimentation within the context of plant growth. They include a conference papers
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  Prototyping the InquiryTool
Design of prototype for a PDA Flash-based application that supports collaboration within data visualization activities. This work involved design of student activities and collaboration with CASA.
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    A Guided Science Experiment within a Website
This product is an online tour that guides the user through a scenario in that the Inquiry Tool could be used. This "Guided Experiment" is implemented in the website of the SpacePlanting Project.
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  online tutorial   Redesign of Netscape Composer Site for Pre-service Teachers
The aim of this product was to redesign a unit designed to teach pre-service teachers about using technology in their classrooms. Additionally an instructional design process report was developed.
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constructivist learning environment   A Learning Environment for Occupational Therapy Students
This product is a case-based environment that was created to help students in their process of becoming occupational therapists. The environment was designed with the physical therapy department.
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  cognitive analysis   Front End Analysis: Cognitive Analysis of greenhouse experts
This product is a Cognitive analysis of stories about how to improve efficiency in greenhouses. The purpose of this task was to become familiar with the problems that greenhouse experts deal with.
  1. The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences.

2. Knowledge of models and best practices for networked learning systems.

3. Design of NLS applications or components of an application.

4. Development of NLS applications or components of an application
  Program of Study  
CECS 283
Q461 Interface Design
Q466 Mindtools
Q410 Web App Dev I
Q410 ISD
Q410 NLS
Q410 CLE
Q410 FrontEndAnalysis
Q410 ID 2
E & CPSY Qualitative
Q410 NLS Studio
Q400 Problems
Q410 Tools for Science
Q400 Problems