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online tutorial     Redesign of Netscape Composer Site for Pre-service Teachers

The aim of this product was to redesign a unit designed to teach pre-service teachers about using technology in their classrooms. Additionally an instructional design process report was developed.

NLS Competency 1- The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences

Both the report as well as the redesign process was a team effort.

Report about the instructional design process: Before the Netscape Composer Site for teachers was redesigned our team followed an instructional design process, which is described in the report below. The report includes conducting an extensive analysis of the learners, tasks related to the learner needs, current instruction and environmental scan.

Redesign of Netscape Composer Site:
We redesigned this unit to be more authentic to the needs of pre-service teachers at the University of Missouri - Columbia's College of Education. The side helps pre-service teachers in the process of designing a classroom web site for the first time, or simply brushing up on his/her web development skills. Every lesson within the Netscape Composer Site is focusing on specific teacher-centered design and content issues. Additionally, throughout this site, graphics are used to offer visual guidance, and multiple web sites are used to identify both desirable and undesirable characteristics of classroom web sites. This tutorial can be used independently, or as part of a Professional Staff Development experience. Assessments for both uses are provided for the users.
Program of Study

Course: Q410 Instructional Systems Design                         Teacher: Joi Moore

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Artifact: Instructional Design Report


  NLS Competencies
1. The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences.

2. Knowledge of models and best practices for networked learning systems.

3. Design of NLS applications or components of an application.

4. Development of NLS applications or components of an application
Program of Study
CECS 283
Q461 InterfaceDesign1
Q466 Mindtools
Q410 Web App Dev I
Q410 ISD
Q410 NLS
Q410 CLE
Q410 Front End Analysis
Q410 InterfaceDesign2
E & CPSY Qualitative
Q410 NLS Studio
Q400 Problems
Q410 Tools for Science
Q400 Problems