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constructivist learning environment     A Learning Environment for Occupational Therapy Students

This product is a case-based environment that was created to help students in their process of becoming occupational therapists. The environment was designed with the physical therapy department.

NLS Competency 4 - Ability to develop an NLS application or components of an application.

The purpose of this product is to provide an environment for students in an occupational therapy online course. To create this environment I worked with my team together with two teachers of the physical therapist department who were also our clients. Both teachers were leading the classes for which our environment was designed. The weekly meetings with the clients were used to discuss the needs of the teachers and the needs of the students. One challenge was to create a product that meets the goals of our teacher (Dr. Jonassen) as well as our clients and the students. A second challenge was the development of a CGI interface that allows the students to update assignments and that gives the teacher access and easy review of the student work. Our main goal for this product was to confront students with cases that describe the story of a dying person.

Description of environment pieces:
- The cases we used are real life referenced and the perspectives of family members are authentic, because they were adapted from interviews with the family members.
- To each of the described stories we built online forms that help students to investigate the cases and guide them through the decision making process of therapists. The forms are written in Perl and they access a mysql database.
- We created a "Toolbox" to give the students a possible choice of actions as well as a library to provide the students with general information about occupational therapy topics.
- The assessment page outlines the objectives of the online-course which are useful for teachers as well as for students.

Program of Study

Course 1: Q410 CLE                                                   Teacher: Dave Jonassen
Course 2: Q410 Web Application Development 1       Teacher: Dale Musser


Artifact: Learning Environment (currently offline)

  NLS Competencies
1. The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences.

2. Knowledge of models and best practices for networked learning systems.

3. Design of NLS applications or components of an application.

4. Development of NLS applications or components of an application
Program of Study
CECS 283
Q461 Interface Design 1
Q466 Mindtools
Q410 Web App Dev I
Q410 ISD
Q410 NLS
Q410 CLE
Q410 FrontEndAnalysis
Q410 InterfaceDesign2
E & CPSY Qualitative
Q410 NLS Studio
Q400 Problems
Q410 Tools for Science
Q400 Problems