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cognitive analysis     Front End Analysis: Cognitive Analysis of greenhouse experts

This product is a Cognitive analysis of stories about how to improve efficiency in greenhouses. The purpose of this task was to become familiar with the problems that greenhouse experts deal with.

NLS Competency 1 - The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences

Description: Conducting a cognitive analysis of greenhouse experts grew out of the need to design learning scenarios within the topic of plant growth. In order to conduct the analysis I interviewed several greenhouse experts that explained different problems they encountered through their experience in greenhouse management. Within the analysis of each expert story I determined and distinguished between the cognitive skills and the cognitive activities that are needed to make decisions and solve particular problems. When applicable, I gave suggestions about what technology should be used to support cognitive processes.

Program of Study

Course: Q410 Front End Analysis                              Teacher: Dave Jonassen


Artifact: Task Analysis Description and findings

  NLS Competencies
1. The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences.

2. Knowledge of models and best practices for networked learning systems.

3. Design of NLS applications or components of an application.

4. Development of NLS applications or components of an application


Program of Study
CECS 283
Q461 InterfaceDesign1
Q466 Mindtools
Q410 Web App Dev I
Q410 ISD
Q410 NLS
Q410 CLE
Q410 FrontEndAnalysis
Q410 InterfaceDesign2
E & CPSY Qualitative
Q410 NLS Studio
Q400 Problems
Q410 Tools for Science
Q400 Problems