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    Prototyping the InquiryTool

Design of prototype for a PDA Flash-based application that supports collaboration within data visualization activities. This work involved design of student activities and collaboration with CASA.

NLS Competency 3 - Design of NLS applications or components of an application

Developing the InquiryTool I followed a process of iterative refinement to design a functional prototype. Before I created the first design prototypes I tried to gain as much information as possible of the context in that the inquiry tool can be used. The InquiryTool is used in a science center by students who want to learn more about plant growth and life on a space station and on a remote planet. In the beginning of the development process I had many meetings with students and teachers from an optional context for the InquiryTool: the CASA space station in Columbia. I made interviews and videos to find out more what the main features of the InquiryTool should be. Also I talked to greenhouse experts that work at the University of Missouri-Columbia to analyze activities and cognitive processes of greenhouse workers. From these experiences I developed activity scenarios, use cases and a role model. Feeding of from the knowledge I gained in talking to subject matter experts, I created first mock up's and by designing low and later high fidelity mock up's. A usability test concluded the development of the first functional prototype of the InquiryTool.

I created a work plan that includes the sequence, which represents the artifacts being created, followed by a working schedule. An overview of all created artifacts in this class and a review of the prototyping process can be found at the end of the work plan page: Work plan

Program of Study

Course: Q410 Interface Design 2                                       Teacher: Jim Laffey



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  NLS Competencies
1. The application of knowledge about technology and the learning sciences.

2. Knowledge of models and best practices for networked learning systems.

3. Design of NLS applications or components of an application.

4. Development of NLS applications or components of an application
Program of Study
CECS 283
Q461 Interface Design 1
Q466 Mindtools
Q410 Web App Dev I
Q410 ISD
Q410 NLS
Q410 CLE
Q410 FrontEndAnalysis
Q410 Interface Design 2
E & CPSY Qualitative
Q410 NLS Studio
Q400 Problems
Q410 Tools for Science
Q400 Problems